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delete this LJ and add my new one if you please! =) [Saturday
January 7th, 2006(3:32pm)]
new LJ..


naturally. :)

November 26th, 2005(8:07pm)]
[ mood | scared ]

i'm home alone right now and it's so scary. jenna is coming over in like 20 mins though and we're gonna watch movies and eat food. i saw derailed last night. it was pretty spooky. the 1st half is so boring though but the 2nd half makes up for it.

i'm addicted to caramel frappes at starbucks. i never realized this until yesterday, but i actually have one each day. and that's been for a solid 2 months i'm pretty sure. that cannot be good for you..

big game tomorrow! wish us luck :) & lake louise in less than a weeeeeek, yeeeah!

i'm gonna piss on you. yes i am. [Tuesday
November 22nd, 2005(8:42pm)]
[ mood | sleepy ]

yay i'm 18! haha. my birthday was fun, thx for all the bday wishes =)

i'm going to lake louise in alberta next friday (the 2nd) for the weekend with tony! it was a present from him & i'm so excited. it's BEAUTIFUL there {from what i've heard} and it's an awesome ski resort. i'm gonna snowboard till my legs fall off!!! not to mention the drinking age there is 18 & i'll be legal to get into the bars ;) hehe.

i think i have a wart on the bottom of my foot.. ewwy. how do you get rid of them? like without having to get them burnt off. cause i'm too scared.

I LOVE MY JOB! work is amazing. except i have to go in an hour earlier on thursday for some course thing.. frickity frack. {lmfao my old boss used to say that.}

love ya'll.

i need your kiss like an ocean needs a breeze. [Thursday
November 10th, 2005(1:27am)]
[ mood | bored ]

haven't updated in a while. i'm not really around the house much anymore, kinda weird.

my birthday is on sunday :) woooo i'll be legal to rent porn in canada. can i get a woop woop!

i had today off, plus tomorrow & friday & the weekend! YEAAAA DAWG. i get paid for today-friday too, awesome.

this weekends going to be so much funnnn. aaaand sunday, for soccer.. we play the 1st place team so wish us luck! if we win we go into first!

mwah mwah.

it's peanut butta jelly time [Monday
October 17th, 2005(6:25pm)]
[ mood | amused ]

weekends go by WAY too fast.. it SUCKS.

so umm the angels are out. and if the cardinals dont pick it up ASAP then they're gonna be out tonight too. not that i care cause i only care about the red sox but yeah.

i don't have anything to say, how boring am i hey? OH except at work today, this older guy who's like a financial planner was doing austin powers & fat bastard impressions on our lunch break & i was in tears laughing. it was SO funny!

my birthday is in less than a month =)

October 2nd, 2005(5:26pm)]
[ mood | crazy ]

the red sox killed the yankees today 10-1! they're through to the postseason now & play the white sox starting tuesday. YEAAAH. I CAN FEEL IT - another world series as a wild card. GO SOX GO!!!!!!!!!

i got a new cell phone today! & we won our soccer game. good times. now i'm going to Jenna's to watch OC dvd's, good day!

i don't wanna work tomorrow =(

everybody love parfaits [Thursday
September 29th, 2005(10:28pm)]
[ mood | tired ]

hello thereeee! this week has gone by so slow. thank god it's friday tomorrow & it's the weekenddd =) HEY at work there's another new girl so i'm not known as the "new girl" anymore.. YEAAAH. she's really nice, i like her.

it's such shitty weather here. it pissed with rain ALL day. and it's suppossed to keep raining, meaning that there's a great possibility that soccer will be cancelled = bad.

RED SOX WON TONIGHT. unfortunately, so did the yankees & the indians.. urrrg. GO SOX!

i miss you.

i love quesadillas. [Wednesday
September 21st, 2005(5:30pm)]
[ mood | stressed ]

well so far, i love the bank! the people are AMAZING there, soooo nice & helpful. they're really funny & dorky too, so i fit in nicely with my dorkyness.

the new boss (Jeff) is awesome! he is new to the branch too & started on the same day that i started. so he was all "whoa we'll remember eachother then cause we started on the same day!" we're best friends now. hahaha jk. but he already offered me more hours today starting next week! so now i go from 30 hours a week to 33.5 i believe *thumbs up*

we won our first soccer game of the season 2-0! we play juan de fuca this weekend and apparently they're a bunch of butchy she-males. fun.

THE RED SOX ARE STRESSING ME OUT. DON'T GET ME WRONG - i still am keeping the faith! but the yanks are now 0.5 games back & so the sox need to pick it up. WHY WHY must they do this every september?! they take the division lead for a while, and then BAM - they're inconsistent. they've been on fireee the last few months too. they played awesome last night though - hopefully this is the start of something good again! GO SOX GO!

this song is unreal - download it pls.

.. and i will try to fix you [Monday
September 12th, 2005(6:08pm)]
[ mood | happy ]

i got the job at the bank!!! i went in today and she hired me and all that jazz.. i'm sooo excited! i start on monday =) YAY!! except tomorrow i have to quit both of my jobs & i'm a little scared.. BUT OH WELL!

i'm watching the red sox game right now.. they're winning 4-0 against the blue jays. ortiz & manny both got homers! WOOP WOOP.

fever pitch comes out tomorrow {i believe..} YEAAAH.

i love havarti cheese. i had it on a sandwich today and it makes the sandwich SO much better. who else loves havarti? what are other good kinds? hmm.

what's the story morning glory? [Friday
September 9th, 2005(2:42pm)]
[ mood | excited ]

oasis & jet were UNREAL. wow, they were sosososo good!

red sox vs. yanks series starts tonight! GO SOX GO!

i really need a new layout. i've found a few that ive liked but i don't know how to install them & stuff.. can someone do it for me? like if i give you my password & shit? =) pleeeease.. <333333

tonights gonna be a gonger.. fun times!

gahhhh. [Thursday
September 1st, 2005(8:54pm)]
[ mood | nervous ]

so umm i have an interview with her tomorrow.. i have to go for another one a week later with a different company too. gawd i'm nervous, i don't usually get nervous but wow. anyways.. wish me luck *

the sox won tonight! & i have a soccer tourny this weekend!

steph has left for montanna =( i already miss her.

wake up cinnamon.. [Tuesday
August 30th, 2005(11:09am)]
[ mood | stressed ]

it's POURING with rain here. i hate it.

i'm getting really stressed out with this lady from the bank. everytime that she's called me, i've been at work or at soccer. she's called like 4 times. she was supossed to phone back last night and never did.. i've been up since 7am waiting for her call and she hasn't phoned. i hope she's not getting pissed off but it's not like i can do anything =( and then whenever i call her i just get her voicemail and have no choice but to leave a message. RAWR.

i need this job. what do i do? do i keep phoning her, or just wait?

knowing my fucking luck she'll call after i leave for work at 2:30. super.

if i had any air in my lungs, i'd scream at you. [Monday
August 22nd, 2005(9:30am)]
[ mood | excited ]

i have to go to work in a half an hour.. ugh.

so my friend's dad is getting me an interview at a bank within the next week or so! it's awesome because the hours are monday-friday, 9-5pm .. so it's 40 hours a week starting at $11/hour. it'll obviously be great to save money for school next year, and the hours are perfect for my soccer schedule too!!! i really hope i can get the jobbb.

campbell river tomorrow! HOORAY.

i have soccer tonight & it's so hot out, i hope it gets a bit cooler later..

red sox won last night. werd represent.. they don't play tonight though =(

PS - wedding crashers is the funniest movie EVER. i have now seen it 4 times.. haha

YAH SOXXX! [Wednesday
August 17th, 2005(12:39am)]
[ mood | tired ]

RED SOX WON! yessss! still leading AL east by 4.5 games - WOOOO, GO SOX GO! Ortiz is the mannnn.

i don't work for 2 days, hooray! i'm sleeping till like 3pm tomorrow baby.
there's a going away party tomorrow night for a friend of mine. shitty.. but it's gonna be a fun night!

it's pouring rain here. wtf.
it was like, 32 degrees celsius yesterday. canada has such weird weather sometimes man..

which band do you like better: the killers or hot hot heat? {random..}

campbell river: 6 days!
oasis concert: 22 days!


do it.. put yo back into it [Thursday
August 11th, 2005(10:24pm)]
[ mood | hot ]

1) Reply with your name and I'll respond with something random about you.

2) l'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.

3) I'll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.

4) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.

5) I'll tell you my first memory of you.

6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.

7) I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.

8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog. You MUST. It is written.

July 31st, 2005(11:45am)]
[ mood | excited ]

MANNY IS STAYING WITH THE RED SOX, GAHHH THANK GOD OMG I'M SO HAPPY. now hopefully they don't trade billy mueller either or i'll have a snapshow!!

going to the lake today.. SOCCER STARTS ON MONDAY!!!

i was lookin' into the mirror, to see a little bit clearer [Wednesday
July 27th, 2005(10:21am)]
[ mood | hot ]

provincial exam marks (thanks to andrea otherwise i wouldn't have even checked!):
english 90
geography 71

i fuckin hate geography, haha. i did better than i thought i would though, yey?

working today till 4. then hopefully doing something fun.

my parents are letting me go to campbell river in august {with lauren} and we're gonna suprise our friend judith because she's kinda depressed about some stuff & her mom said it would be good for us to come see her! i'm so excited =) i love suprising people. haha.

it's hooooooooot. i wanna go to the lake and go schvimming.

July 24th, 2005(4:19pm)]
[ mood | okay ]

shawnigan was really fun! when we were tubing one day, the rope on one of the tubes broke and it was so funny cause Jenna was in the tube when it happened so she did this like backflip and went sooo high in the air.. hahah

soccer tryouts start in 2 weeks! im kinda nervous cause i'm definately not in the shape i was, and it's a different coach this year since it's women's league now. oh well, i guess i have 2 weeks to try and get myself into semi-good shape, except it's gonna be hard with all this gorgeous weather we've been having =(

i didn't really keep up with the red sox while i was away but they're still ahead of the yanks by 2 games so THANK GOD! they lost today though eeeep.. anyways.. yeah.

July 17th, 2005(12:24am)]
[ mood | excited ]

im leaving tomorrow for shawnigan for a week, HOOOORAY i'm so excited.

our soccer team won provincials, thanks for the good vibes dawgs! haha


loooong day! [Saturday
July 9th, 2005(5:26pm)]
[ mood | happy ]

provincials so far: won 3, lost 1! we're in first as of right now! HOORAY. and we play tomorrow too. gahhh i'm so sad that soccer is almost over.. well for a week. then we start again =) hehehe.

our baseball teams in league playoffs right now too but i haven't been able to be there except for one game today cause of soccer, and so far we're in first too which is really weird because we aren't very good... heh.

MATT CLEMENT FROM THE SOX IS ON THE ALL-STAR TEAM NOW TOO!!!!!! WOOOO!! along with manny, ortiz, damon & varitek!!

i'm going to my baseball bbq now and then to see the fireworks laterrr.. bye!

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